Plotholders not singing in the rain...

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The annual ‘Redd-up’ (Secretary Laura’s term for the site clearing) was a minor disaster.

The plan was for plotholders who wanted to take part to do so between 2 and 4pm on both Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday’s weather was never forecast to be very good; in the event it turned out to be one of those days with intermittent light rain and drizzle. But as there had been heavy rain previously, everything was very wet. Plotholder Kevin and the other Peter hacked back to some of the willow growing alongside the burn down at the communal end of the site. A fair amount was cleared, which with the pruned communal raspberries, created a large pile of greenery to be taken to the recycling centre on Sunday.

Sunday was a complete disaster; the crew assembled at two in the afternoon as arranged. The weather forecast was mixed, depending on which one you believed – one said just some cloud, another, the possibility of a little light rain during the afternoon.

We all know what happened. Just after two, there was indeed a little light rain. Then some more heavier rain, then a downpour which lasted until about half past four. Plotholder Caroline’s pal Bill kindly arrived with his trailer to take the rubbish up to the recycling centre, and the trailer was loaded in the pouring rain. The crew then met up at the recycling centre and unloaded the trailer. Then, like a group of drowned rats, everyone went home to get dry and watch the glorious sunny evening, blue sky and all, develop.

So there remains a lot of clearing up to do – the brambles on the wayleave are trying to escape and the remaining willow needs cutting back or weaving into the fence. But that’s for another day.

And with the arrival of autumn – although the leaves on the trees are taking their time to turn – already the geese and swans (pictured) are making their way south.