Police launch festive safety campaign

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Local police are urging people to stay safe as the festive season gets into full swing.

With people out celebrating both Christmas and New Year as well as shops expected to be busy, officers say it presents opportunities for criminal behaviour.

And Chief Inspector Gordon Milne, local area commander for the Angus area is encouraging sensible behaviour.

He said: “The build up to the festive season is traditionally a busy time for the Police and our colleagues in the other emergency services. Our aim is always to encourage people to be safe and to act sensibly whilst enjoying themselves.

“We will be on duty, along with the community wardens and street pastors with the purpose of keeping people safe and encouraging everyone to shop and party safe.”

“We do not want to spoil anyone’s enjoyment but we will do everything we can to stop violence, prevent crime, keep the roads safe and preserve order”.

“The most common incidents we deal with at this time of year tend to stem from people drinking too much. While drunkenness is a recognised factor in anti-social, violent and criminal behaviour, it is not an excuse. By all means enjoy a drink, but don’t overdo it.”

And as well as keeping safe while celebrating Chief Inspector Milne is also urging people to plan their journey home carefully as well as the nect day.

He explained: “The number of people who think they can drink and drive and get away with it still causes me a lot of concern. Despite the festive season, no leniency or discretion will be shown for people who get behind the wheel after drinking or taking drugs. We still see drivers using their vehicles the morning after and still being over the limit. Best advice – don’t do it.”

Posters highlighting Police Scotland’s This Christmas Stay Safe tips feature at 32 train stations throughout Scotland to target shoppers as well as shopping centres and pubs.