Police reveal drop in violent crime

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The Angus area has seen a reduction in violent crime the Angus Police and Fire and Rescue Sub-committee was told on Thursday with violent crime 25 per cent down against the five-year average and 24 less victims this year.

The committee was told that there had been a 44 per cent reduction in attempted murder and a 20 per cent reduction in serious assaults.

Common assault has also seen a reduction of 55 victims this year.

As well as reductions in these crimes the committee was told that the chances of being arrested for committing these was much higher, with Angus police officers detecting over 96 per cent of all serious assaults and over 81 per cent of all common assaults.

The figures relate to the first 10 months of Police Scotland (April 1, 2013 to January 31, 2014) with incidents being compared against the previous five year average.

There was also a 30 per cent reduction in complaints about disorder with 4,665 complaints compared to the five year average of 6,692.

Crimes of vandalism have fallen with 707 crimes reported, a reduction of 38 percent against the five year average. Detection rates remain similar at 32 per cent.

The committee was told that road safety is a priority for Police Scotland and the communities of Angus.

Members were told that there had been six fewer killed or injured in Angus compared to the five-year average and 50 less people injured from traffic accidents.