Police warning to hillwalkers

TAYSIDE Police have already issued a warning to hillwalkers this winter to take care and to properly prepare before an expedition.

Another harsh winter is expected, and this makes conditions treacherous should walkers not be suitably outfitted.

Extreme caution and preparedness is advised, hillwalkers should take every precaution to ensure they do not put themselves or anyone else in danger.

The basics tenets of safe hillwalking should be adhered to, equipment, skill and responsibility.

Walkers should be prepared to deal with the extremes of weather, have appropriate equipment and be aware of the expected weather conditions.

Always tell a friend or relative where you are going walking and how long you expect to be.

Spend some time learning basic hill-craft and navigation skills, if you have a GPS always carry a map and compass as back up, and be prepared to use it.

Above all, enjoy the great outdoors, but do so responsibly, do not take risks, or put the lives of others at risk.