Brian pledges to do his best

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The Carnoustie councillor who has been elected Depute Provost of Angus has thanked his peers for their support and paid tribute to the late Helen Oswald.

Councillor Brian Boyd was elected, to the role of depute provost on December 8.It followed the death of Helen Oswald, provost of Angus. Councillor Alex King was elected from depute to provost.

Depute Provost Brian Boyd said: “I am privileged to take on the role of deputy provost and, along with our new Provost Alex King, will carry out the duties of representing Angus and its people with great pride and diligence. I dearly wish the circumstances that see me appointed to this position had not come to pass, but give thanks to my fellow councillors for their confidence in me and for allowing a Carnoustie councillor to take up this civic post.

“Helen Oswald was an outstanding provost and councillor and as loved in public life as she was by her family and friends. She fulfilled her role for the people of Carnoustie and Angus with immense dedication and passion until the last. Her sense of self and sense of humour never deserted her and she is sorely missed by us all.

“I would also like to pay tribute to Bob Spink, who represented the people of Arbroath with great distinction. Bob was a voice of reason on the council for many a year and had illness not forced him to step down prematurely, I am sure that it would be Bob that was wearing the deputy provost’s chain of office. I have the highest respect for Bob and all that he did in his years as a councillor. I will make every endeavour to serve the people of Angus in a manner that mirrors the kindness, hard work and achievement of both Helen and Bob.”