Busy agenda at Ferry’s Community Council

A HOTEL is proposed for the space next to Broughty Library where there is currently an old cottage which would be knocked down.

Broughty Ferry Community Council’s planning secretary, David Hewick, revealed this at Tuesday’s meeting in the public library.

He added his belief that there were any number of problems with the site, such as traffic congestion problems, noise for residents, and Historic Scotland, which would be involved as it was in a conservation area.

He said he had reminded Dundee City Council that West Bridge, Linlathen is in a poor state.

He also reminded Dundee City Council of the planning condition that this had to be refurbished and they agreed to take enforcement action if this was not done.

He noted the loss of the blue flag beach and added that he couldn’t help but think that the increased sewage produced by new housing was part of the cause.

He also said that several hundred more new houses are planned for the area north of the A92 and Drumsturdy Road. There was to be a meeting about the Linlathen Development at the Church in Lawers Drive. Mr Gary Manini, prospective community councillor, pointed out that there were new building standards coming in which would promote better sustainability. It was not clear if this involved sewage output.

It was agreed that Stan Nutt be the stand-in person for the Chairman on the Eastern Project Board.

Angie Hastie from Dundee City Council outlined the process for community council elections. Nomination forms for prospective community councillors would be available from January.

There would be a six-week period whilst nominations were collated, looking to meetings of the new Community Councils in February or March.

It was unclear if there would still be 26 seats in Broughty Ferry (18 elected and eight representing local groups). Angie Hastie agreed to seek clarification.

Councillor Derek Scott reported work was starting on the installation of rock armour at the coastal erosion sites next week at Bridge Street. Then they would move on to the area near the Glass Pavilion.

Councillor Laurie Bidwell noted a Project Board would begin its work next week on looking at the problems that arose from the move of the primary pupils from Eastern to Grove. The Community Council has a seat on this. He was also interested in getting disabled adapted housing in Broughty Ferry but there were no sites available.

Councillor Ken Guild commented that there was a shortage of social housing in Broughty Ferry because many people had bought their houses under the right to buy legislation. This legislation has now been rescinded in Scotland for new tenants.

The treasurer reported that there was £1,237.65 to hand.

Members agreed to cancel the January meeting.