Campaigners in Arbroath

Scottish Labour Party activists were campaigning for the ‘No Vote’ in the forthcoming Referendum in Arbroath at the weekend.

On Saturday they made their case for voting ‘No’ in the Independence Referendum to shoppers in the town.

Chair of the Angus South Constituency Labour Party, and councillor for Monifieth-Sidlaw, Margaret Thompson was pleased by the response. She said: “We were very pleased with the level of support shown by those who said that Scotland is stronger within the UK, and that we achieve more working in partnership with our nearest neighbours.

“While we associate with other parties in the Better Together campaign, Labour maintains its own vision of Scotland’s future based on our values of co-operation , justice and fairness.

“The Referendum is the biggest political decision that Scotland will face in our lifetime, and it will be a once-in-a-generation vote.

“We are confident, but not complacent, that our message that the best way forward for Scotland’s future is to be represented by a Scottish Parliament and by a UK Parliament will win both the argument and the vote.”