Centre to stay until a new site is found

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Locally-based hubs are to be introduced earlier than planned as part of Angus Council’s five-year agile working and estates plan.

At a meeting of the full council last week, an update on the programme heard that the shift to agile working in fewer buildings is on target.

The timetable for the creation of the proposed locality hubs has been adjusted and will now be completed in 2019.

The update also highlighted properties that will be surplus to council requirements and - while the Panmure Centre in Carnoustie is listed - it is noted that any closure plans are dependent on establishing a new location for the early years service currently delivered from there.

Councillor Brian Boyd said: “It’s good news for Carnoustie. The Panmure Centre will close, but it won’t be until a more suitable place has been found. It’s a win-win situation.

“The agile working plans are breathing life back into the burgh offices. It will create an agile workspace for people in Angus. It was also clarified at the meeting that we are going through the motions to have the Police move from Burnside into the burgh offices. It will be nice to see that police presence in the High Street.”