Councillor denies lady’s accusation

FERRY councillor Rod Wallace has refuted allegations made by a constituent that he fobbed her off after she had asked him to do something about getting snow and ice cleared from Blair Gardens, the street where she lives.

The resident alleged that she contacted Councillor Wallace three times since last Saturday to ask for the cul-de-sac to be treated and suggested that each time she was fobbed off by being told he would initially “seek action”, then would get something done and finally would see what he could do.

However, Councillor Wallace denies the claims and says that he highlighted the problems with council officials.

He told the Guide & Gazette: “I am taking as much pro-active action as I am allowed to.

“I contacted Fergus Wilson who is the city engineer and it is for him to action these concerns with the resources he has at his disposal.

“I am not happy with the service people have been getting, but I am one of 29 councillors putting forward complaints to the council.

“There has to be a priority list to deal with this and I understand that, but I am aware some constituents are not happy with this. Dissatisfaction with the service that has been provided is widespread.”

Councillor Wallace revealed that a review has been promised after the event at which everyone can get round the table and see where things have gone wrong.

He concluded: “I believe it could be a communication problem. We call in problems highlighted by our constituents, but the department just does not have the time or resources to call us back and tell us what is happening and when. It is something of a logistical nightmare.”

He added that waste collections have been postponed for the moment as cleansing staff are out helping to clear roads and pavements.