Families in crisis as cost of childhood rises

A Monifieth councillor has spoken out over the crisis in living standards after it was revealed that raising a child to 18 costs nearly £150,000.

According to a recent study by the Child Poverty Action Group it costs around £148,000 or £160 per week to meet the minimum needs of a child.

This is a four per cent rise on the findings of previous studies, and is above average increases in wages, benefits and the Minimum Wage.

Labour councillor for Monifieth-Sidlaw Margaret Thomson spoke out against this disparity in figures. She said: “The cost of raising a child is rising while families’ living standards are being squeezed because price increases are higher than wage increases in percentage terms.

“Meanwhile Labour has disclosed that on David Cameron’s watch the profits of gas and electricity companies has soared to £3.3 billion, while the average household bill has gone up by over £300 in that period.

“Bonuses rocketed in April as big business firms delayed their pay-outs to take advantage of the Tories income tax cut for millionaires. There are 5,800 people in Angus who are unemployed, that is people wanting to work more hours but can’t.

“These points demonstrate how out-of-touch this UK government is as the standard of living of hard working families remains in crisis.”

To read the above mentioned study visit http://www.cpag.org.uk/content/cost-child-2013