John Orsi gives food for thought

Proprietor of Peppos Harbour Chip Bar, John Orsi.
Proprietor of Peppos Harbour Chip Bar, John Orsi.

As part of our countdown to Scotland’s referendum on September 18 we hear from local people every week to find out their views on the Indy debate.

This week we spoke to John Orsi, proprietor of ‘Peppo’s Harbour Chip Bar’ on Ladybridge Street, Arbroath. As a constantly buzzing community hub where people often stop to swap news and opinions we ask Mr Orsi if he has gained an insight into the thoughts and viewpoints the people of Arbroath have, surrounding the impending election.

Do you find people want to talk about the Referendum?

“People do talk about what’s going on and the impression I get at the moment, is that two thirds of people are against it.

“Not everyone talks about the debate but about two thirds of the people I have spoken to are Better Together.”

From the comments, what would you say are the biggest concerns across the age spectrum in the community?

“There is also a worry amongst the older folk over their pensions. I get the impression the younger people are not that interested. The girls in the shop are all 16 and they have no interest whatsoever in what’s going on or voting.

“There is a great concern about the currency, as is the same with many people, but there is a lot of chatter about whether the pound would be kept and people just don’t seem to be getting the answers they want.

“Salmond was asked about 40 times and refused to answer, what’s plan B?!

Do you share the same concerns?”

“I am not worried as a business owner. I am still undecided, I can see the points from both sides but I am not hugely worried one way or another. I would like some more answers on certain questions such as currency but I don’t think a change or no change will affect the business really.”