Lollipop loss worries parents

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Uncertainty over the loss of a school crossing attendant spiked after parents received a letter last Friday from the Carlogie Primary School with new crossing guidance.

Information was sent around parents to inform them that the Carlogie Road crossing was not going to be manned until further notice.

The Maule Street crossing was cited as the best place for children to make their way to school in the meantime.

An angry parent said: “This is unacceptable. How are the children from Newton Road/Newton Crescent area suppose to cross the road safely? This is the busiest road in Carnoustie.” Vicki Chalmers said: “Totally unacceptable and unsafe expecting primary age children to change their walking route to school. This will result in children being driven to school, yet the schools and the education dept encourage (quite rightly) walking to school.”

Angus Council have released a statement explaining the situation: “Due to sickness, the patroller based at the end of The Ditches, Carnoustie, has been moved to further down Carlogie Road to the point at the junction with Maule Street. After discussion with the school and cluster manager, it was agreed that this would be the best place for the patroller as this is considered to be the busiest point. A letter was issued last week to parents advising them of this change.”

However some parents feel this is not enough. Evelyn Clark said: “If the Council deem it necessary to have a lollipop person at the crossing in the first place then an alternative surely must be made available during sickness absence of another lollipop person.”