Mike Weir aiming for fifth term of office as MP in Angus

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Mike Weir has confirmed he will be seeking re-election as an MP in Angus as he aims to complete two decades of service at Westminster.

Mr Weir said he is aiming to follow on successful returns in 2001, 2005, 2010 and 2015 by being re-elected after Prime Minister Theresa May’s call for a snap election earlier this week.

And the SNP politician told us he is “ready to fight” a new campaign on Thursday, June 8 that should see the successful candidate elected until 2022.

Mr Weir continued: “I intend standing for selection in Angus again.

“On a local level, I have proven over the past 16 years that I am a strong voice fighting for the issues that matter to people and businesses of Angus.

“At Westminster, my colleagues and I have established ourselves as the only real opposition to the Tories.

“We have strongly opposed many of the hard right policies they are pursuing and it is absolutely essential that we continue to offer that opposition and to articulate a different approach.

“This is especially true in these uncertain times as the Brexit negotiations loom, the outcome of which may well have a determining effect on Scotland’s future.”

Weir replaced SNP colleague Andrew Welsh when he first won the Angus seat with more than 35% of the vote in 2001.

He was successfully returned again in 2005 with almost 34 per cent of the vote share before increasing his majority to 39.6 per cent in 2010 and 54.2 per cent in 2015 – winning by 11.230.