New councillor’s committee appointment

NEW CARNOUSTIE councillor Brian Boyd has been appointed to the infrastructure services committee which will aid him in his continued campaign to ensure Carnoustie gets its fair share of the budget.

Speaking to the Guide & Gazette he stated: “Though today’s paper will no doubt be full of the council’s budget for 2011/12, I want to try and spread some good news for Carnoustie.

“First, an extra £1.4 million has been inserted into the roads budget for the coming year which brings the total roads investment to £15.4 million. This can only bring some well needed repairs to our dreadful roads.

“Strengthening the fight for extra Carnoustie funding, I can confirm I was voted on to the infrastructure services committee which includes roads and economic development. I can now lobby from within this committee to ensure Carnoustie gets its fair share of this budget. This is all we have been asking for.”

He continued: “I have a meeting with the head of roads this week to discuss some areas that I know of that are in a very poor state namely High Street, Dundee Street and Barry Road, North Burnside Street, Maule Street (centre), the top of Carlogie Road and the entrance to Chapman Drive.

“I realise that this is only a few but ask the community to contact me with others they are aware of. If you can be my eyes I will try my hardest to sort out the repairs.

“I can also confirm that an extra 100 grit bins are being provided throughout Angus. This in addition to the extra funding on the roads budget, this will help Angus residents to cope with winter. Any other suggestions of places I will bring forward to the committee or head of roads.

“Times are hard and we have to realistic but I will make the case for Carnoustie the best I can.”