New Ferry candidate

To stand for council

KEVIN Cordell, a married father of two who lives in Balgillo, has been announced by the Scottish National Party as their second candidate to stand for election to Dundee City Council for the four member Ferry Ward.

Kevin (39) who is married and has two young sons will be the running mate of Ferry Councillor Ken Guild who presently leads the SNP administration on Dundee Council.

The Cordells are a well-known and long-established family in the area and Kevin, who attended both Eastern Primary School and Grove Academy, previously worked for Dundee City Council finance department. He now works full time as parliamentary case-worker for Shona Robison MSP and Stewart Hosie MP.

Councillor Stewart Hunter, convener of the SNP’s Dundee City Association said: “We have a lot of support across the city and intend to retain control of the council therefore we have put forward top-quality candidates capable of representing their constituents and local communities and helping an SNP administration move Dundee forward.

“The SNP-led Dundee City Council is working hard to keep the city’s regeneration on track and bring hundreds of new green jobs. What we are trying to achieve is no less than the re-industrialisation of Dundee.

“The SNP has a strong track record of easing the burden on local people with our council tax freeze, constructing new schools, a new leisure centre and new council houses, improving educational attainment and expanding access to free school meals.

“The choice for Dundee’s voters will be to move forward with an SNP-led council working hard with the SNP Scottish Government and key partners to deliver better services or to go backwards to Labour-Tory coalitions which hiked the council tax every year and had no vision, no enthusiasm or new ideas.”