New post box in Linlathen Lane

THE LONG running saga of provision of a post box in Clearwater Park/Ferryfield has reached a happy conclusion with the installation of a post box on Linlathen Lane.

The estate, which has a strong residents’ association, had campaigned for this and other community services as the number of occupied houses in the two parts of the estate approaches 200.

Ferry councillor Kevin Cordell told the Guide & gazette that he had been made aware of the householders’ desire for a post box during the election campaign and alerted Royal Mail to this need.

He continued: “I was surprised by the response from the Director of Scottish Affairs at Royal Mail who advised he knew nothing about it!

“However, I was informed on March 21 that Royal Mail had written to the roads and planning department of Dundee City Council informing them of their intention to locate a pedestal postbox on Linlathen Lane.”

In the same estate Dundee City Council environment department has launched a new recycling trial which will offer an improved level of service to the area. New burgundy-coloured bins the size of the current household waste bins have been delivered and will allow a greater amount and range of recycling.

Households included in trial areas received a card through their letterbox informing them of the trial and if they wished to take part they needed take no further action.

Participants will be able to recycle a wider range of metals, most types of plastic plus glass bottles and jars in the burgundy wheelie bins. This new trial will complement existing recycling facilities which remain unaffected.

Councillor Cordell concluded: “I think it is little developments like these that help areas feel more like communities and less isolated. And, of course, anything that encourages a greater use of recycling can only be a good thing. As you will be aware, the council is already recycling materials for improvements to Dawson Park and Castle Green Crazy Golf.”