No cheer in Queen’s Speech says MP

ANGUS MP Mike Weir has said that today’s Queens Speech holds “little cheer for Angus “ and that it reflects the “ obsession that the Tories have with the advance of UKIP”.

“The speech shows that Westminster isn’t working for Scotland. Instead of boosting economic growth it is focussing on a lurch to the right politically, and is out of touch with the people of Scotland,” he said.

“What’s not in this speech is as revealing as what is in it. No mention of promised progressive measures such as following Scotland’s lead on minimum pricing for alcohol, or plain packaging for the sale of cigarettes. Aid agencies will be angry that there is still no legal commitment on overseas aid, despite repeated promises.

“These omissions point to the real power behind this speech - the hand of Nigel Farage is not far from it. The real narrative of this speech is the obsession that the Tories have with the advance of UKIP south of the border. It is worth noting, however, that in Scottish by elections on the same day their vote was pathetic as it was in the one council in Wales that went to the polls. “

“There is little cheer for Angus in this speech, with proposals to further increase the retirement age for working people and no real attempt to boost the growth of the economy. What is not there is almost as bad as the government plan to accelerate the privatisation of Royal Mail which could have disastrous effects on rural areas.”

“Those bills which only affect England show how lucky Scotland is to have our own Parliament to protect us from the worst excesses of Westminster government, yet they will impact on us as Westminster still holds the purse strings.”

“It reinforces why decisions about Scotland should be made by people who understand the challenges closest to home best, and that is the people of Scotland . It should be the Scottish Parliament which should have the powers to make the best decisions - not Westminster which is making bad decisions.”