Panmure Fields residents’ concerns addressed

CONCERN expressed by residents of Panmure Fields in the west end of Carnoustie on drainage issues and the non-adoption of the roads on the estate by Angus Council could be allayed following a recent meeting organised by local councillor Helen Oswald.

In attendance were representatives of the Panmure Fields Residents’ Association, Robertson Homes, Scottish Water and Angus Council.

Councillor Oswald revealed that the problems were discussed fully and agreement on a way forward was reached.

She continued: “To date, there has been a joint site meeting between Robertson Homes and Scottish Water. As a result of this meeting, Robertson Homes and Scottish Water have agreed what works need to be undertaken and some of this work has started.

“A CCTV survey of the relevant drainage has been carried out and Scottish Water is to review the findings.”

Angus Council’s roads department representatives are to meet with Scottish Water this month regarding progress on a number of matters and hopefully an update will be issued at that time.

The councillor concluded: “I am pleased that progress is being made on this long-standing problem and am delighted the residents’ association is being kept in the picture.”