Provost defends Twittergate response

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Angus Provost Helen Oswald has stood by her actions following a call for a vote of no confidence in her leadership.

A special full meeting of Angus Council was held in Forfar on Tuesday to discuss a Twitter conversation on the Independence Referendum during the course of which Montrose SNP councillor Bill Duff appears to suggest that No Voters were second class citizens.

The comments devolved into an argument dubbed ‘Twittergate’, and with Mr Duff’s insistence that the comments had been taken out of context and his refusal to apologise had prompted a motion being called condemning him.

However, the provost ruled the motion condemning Mr Duff incompetent, prompting Independent councillors David Fairweather and Bob Myles to announce that they will be bringing a motion for a vote of no confidence in Mrs Oswald’s running of the council.

In response to this the Provost told the Gazette: “I did it according to council standing orders and that is my position.”