Poor response to open invitation

THE FIRST monthly group meeting of 2012 of Monifieth Community Resource Group was held in the Community Cabin on Thursday evening.

The response to an open invitation for local group representatives and members of the public to attend was again disappointing.

It has been highlighted in various ways that the community input to the projected building of a resource facility is of prime importance to attaining the best for Monifieth and group chair Margaret Copland voiced her disappointment that more people had not turned up.

The work carried out on behalf of the group on a feasibility study by AIM Design was one of the items on the agenda.

The meeting heard that the time for completed reports to be handed over is now imminent and it was felt that they should clarify exactly what the needs of the burgh are.

Officials expressed thanks to those who had completed questionnaires either online or in the ‘Ideasbox’ as well as those from various organisations who had entered into discussion with the group agents.

Mrs Copland stated: “The support of the community is essential for success.”

Assuming a favourable report and in the belief that Monifieth residents wish to address the top priority need, the meeting heard that the group is prepared to move forward towards their objective.

They believe that they can, after many years of hard work, address the financial and planning applications necessary to build a Monifieth Community Resource suitable for all social, recreational and business activities in the burgh.

Mrs Copland told the Guide & Gazette after the meeting: “After more years than I care to remember, with others who have given of their time and skills, we have reached a crucial stage in getting what has been described as ‘Monifieth’s missing factor’ into position.

“The work done by the group on behalf of the Monifieth community now needs them to declare their support such as by their attendance at our meetings or offering their support through fund-raising, professional advice. etc.

“A resource facility in the centre of the burgh could bring so many benefits to the Monifieth of the future, but we must work together as a community to make the dream a reality.”