Positive report for child protection agencies

CHILD protection services in Angus have received a positive inspection report from Social Care and Social Work Improvement Scotland (SCSWIS).

The inspection was carried out in January and looked at the child protection services provided by Angus Council, NHS Tayside, Tayside Police, the Children’s Reporter and services provided by voluntary and independent organisations in Angus.

The report, which was published on Thursday on www.scswis.com, states that staff across all services are clear about their responsibilities to protect children and it recognises that children are benefiting from effective help to keep themselves safe.

It identified particular strengths that made a difference to children and families. These include communication with children and families, early identification of vulnerable children across services, access to a wide range of services to support families and a commitment to partnership working across all services.

The strong commitment of senior officers across services to the protection of children and the high visibility and effective leadership provided by Angus Child Protection Committee were also identified as key strengths.

Out of the six quality indicators used by the inspectorate to assess how well children and young people are protected and kept safe, Angus received one ‘very good’ and five ‘good’ reports.

The inspection also identified areas for improvement. These centred on improving plans for children to ensure their individual needs are being met and improving arrangements for managing and prioritising self-evaluation activities. The Executive Group Child Protection and Child Protection Committee plan to review the vision for child protection services to provide clearer direction and improve outcomes for vulnerable children.

Angus Council leader Councillor Bob Myles welcomed the inspection report. He commented: “This positive report clearly shows the commitment and dedication of those delivering services to protect children and young people in Angus and reflects how well our services are working together to protect children and meet their needs.

“We accept that there is still room for further improvement and we will take forward the recommendations of the inspection report to build on what we have already achieved.”

The report was also welcomed by the chair of Angus Child Protection Committee, Tim Armstrong, who said: “It is very encouraging to receive such a positive appraisal of our child protection services as it reflects how effectively partner agencies in Angus are working together.

“However, there is no room for complacency in child protection so the committee will continue to drive improvements that will deliver better outcomes for children and families in Angus.”

The Inspection team will now make no further visits in connection with the inspection.