Present your own show

The current 'School's Out' presenters at Radio North Angus, Ashmita Bhattarai and Ruaridh Mathieson
The current 'School's Out' presenters at Radio North Angus, Ashmita Bhattarai and Ruaridh Mathieson

Youngsters who fancy hearing their voice over the airwaves are being sought by local radio station Radio North Angus.

The station is seeking pupils of Arbroath Academy, Arbroath High and Carnoustie High to train as voluntary radio presenters.

The scheme for S4 and S5 students will give them the unique opportunity on British Independent Local Commercial Radio to present their very own music radio programmes.

The programmes are designed specifically for a teenage audience, whilst giving presenters the opportunity for personal development and to acquire media skills.

Malcolm Finlayson, from Radio North Angus, explained: “The service is looked upon favourably by prospective employers and by university selection panels, and can be regarded as community service for the three levels of the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.

“Certain members have proceeded to follow successful careers in broadcasting and other journalism.”

Training in music radio production consists of seven weekly two hourly sessions in programming techniques.

After that there are practice sessions where the presenters proceed to programming which can be live or pre-recorded, depending upon availability.

The commitment throughout is to present a programme once a week.

Arrangements can be made to avoid any conflict with study for examinations.

Initial contact from pupils and/or parents/carers should be made with Malcolm Finlayson, 11 Bankhead Crescent, Arbroath DD11 2DP, telephone him on 01241 871446 or e-mail the station:

Further information can be found on the website at

Radio North Angus broadcasts on 96.6 FM in the Arbroath and Carnoustie areas.

The service, which can be listened to in our local area on87.7 and 96.6 FM, was co-founded by Malcolm Finlayson and Ian Clark, who had previously been involved in broadcasting from 1969, and had operated a radio station from 1973.