Protection work pays off

HOUSEHOLDERS in Carnoustie are delighted that the work undertaken by Angus Council last year to protect the beach and town from coastal flooding seems to have been effective.

Despite the almost monsoon like conditions during November and December, there was little or no flooding in the burgh, although the golf courses were badly affected.

And the dunes at the seafront seem to have suffered only slightly from the high wind and pounding seas.

Work to protect the beach at Carnoustie from erosion and coastal flooding started in March. A small wall was formed on the east side of the beach next to the Barry Burn and a rock armoury wall was also constructed.

The works were given the go ahead after erosion was found in the sand dunes which was creating a big drop between the footpath and the top of the dunes.

Local councillor Brian Boyd, one of the main instigators of the coastal protection work, said on Monday: “The coastal works have certainly helped protect our seafront.

“The dunes to the east of the town from the train station to Westhaven have taken a real pounding as they are only protected by marram grass, but it looks like they will survive due to its strong roots.

“The flood prevention works to the west of the town seem to have been effective with only surface water to roads but thankfully no flooding to homes.”

He continued: “The Golf Course was closed for a time due to the Barry Burn bursting its banks on the course and I would imagine in 2013 we will have to keep a close eye on this situation as this can’t keep on happening to our world class Championship Course

“I will also be investigating as to why the A92 keeps on flooding and therefore closing. This road is only a few years old and I can’t understand why, with all the money spent on it, this has happened twice in the last few months causing traffic chaos.”