Publican George Williams, 
1947 - 2014

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It is with sadness that the Arbroath Herald notes the passing of well-known publican George Williams.

Mr Williams (67), best known as the popular face of The Portcullis Bar for the last 36 years, passed away on Sunday after a long illness.

Born in Sunderland as David Williams he picked up the nickname ‘George’ during his time with the Royal Marines and the name stuck.

Mr Williams was born on October 30, 1947, to the late William Robert Williams and Doris Irene Smith, and grew up at 129 Roker Avenue, Sunderland, where he attended Redby Secondary Modern School.

On leaving school at age 16 he had the unusual distinction of being manager of a local supermarket for his first job.

In 1970 Mr Williams joined the Royal Marines and during his military career he was stationed on HMS Fearless and posted to RM Condor where he served with Yankee and Zulu companies.

Mr Williams met his wife Lorraine while at RM Condor and the couple were married at the Windmill Hotel in 1976.

He left the Royal Marines that year for a job offshore with Halliburton’s and it was at this time he took a part-time job as barman at The Portcullis.

Eventually this led to him leaving Halliburton to become manager of The Portcullis, where he worked for a total of 36 years, the last 12 as licensee.

Mrs Williams said: “He loved Arbroath. He was a very keen hillwalker and ran a hillwalking club in the pub. He also did a lot for charity.”

He also loved gardening and won a lot of prizes for his carrots, onions and leeks which Mr Williams grew from seed in his lovingly-tended garden.

Mr Williams is survived by his wife Lorraine and sons Ryan, David and Ross, and grandchildren Leo, Millie, Lexi and Freddie.

He was a dearly beloved brother to Gwen, Margaret, Eddie, Christine,and Rob, and brother-in-law to Don, Michael, Jackie, Cathy, Peter, Bill, Monica, Derek, Gareth and Gillian, father-in-law to Maggie and Justine and much-loved son-in-law of Lily.

Beloved nephew of Hazel and Pack, an uncle and cousin to many and a dear friend to more.

The funeral service will be held at Parkgrove Crematorium, Friockheim, on Monday (November 17) at 11.30 a.m. and then on to the Portcullis to which all friends and family are respectfully invited.