Put your Trust in Carnoustie

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Plans are afoot to make improvements to Carnoustie, but the trustees behind it need your help to make their ideas a reality.

The Carnoustie Community Development Trust (CCDT) was officially formed in April and tomorrow (Saturday) is inviting the public to go along and meet them at their stall at the Gala Day at Carnoustie House Grounds.

The CCDT is a product of the Big Carnoustie Conversation charrette held in 2015 and which reported back to the community earlier this year.

Progress is being made according to interim trust chair Derek Miller and could include a community asset transfer at a later date.

He said: “We have met with senior officers from Angus Council to discuss how they will communicate and consult with CCDT, and have received assurances both that the Trust will be a key community planning partner, and that the council is very supportive of the recommendations from the charrette.

‘‘The current local development plan is too close to its final approval to incorporate the charrette recommendations but we have been assured that literally as soon as that plan is complete and adopted, work on its successor begins, and the intention is to incorporate charrette priorities into it.

‘‘The Board has emphasised to Angus Council that the Trust will expect the spirit and letter of the law around the Community Empowerment Act to be followed by the council, and that the Trust will seek to use the powers the Act confers on local communities to influence and be involved in local developments.”

“In that connection, the charrette identified the potential of what is left of the former Kinloch Primary School site for improving the retailing offering in the town, combined with that whole area’s potential for developing a community space. Angus Council has recently begun a marketing exercise for that site aimed at bringing that aspiration to fruition.

‘‘The Trust and the council have agreed that, in case there are any hiccups in these plans, the former will formally register a Community Asset Transfer interest in the site to protect the community interest in wider developments there.”

Membership is a key issue for the CCDT, even just becoming a member and no more would be a great help to the trust as the greater their membership, the more power they have to lobby for funding or gain project approval.

Derek added: “Come on, it’s your Carnoustie Community Development Trust, let’s work together for Carnoustie – get that membership form and join!”