Queen’s baton arrives tomorrow

Tomorrow (Saturday), Her Majesty The Queen’s Baton, heralding the rapidly approaching Commonwealth Games, will reach Angus.

The crossover from Dundee to Angus will take place at the Welcome to Angus sign on the A930 Ferry Road in Monifieth at approximately 8.21 a.m., and after a short break the baton bearers are expected to set off along the A930 on their route through Angus at around 8.36 a.m.

The baton will travel through Maule Street, High Street, Panmure Street, finishing about 9.05 a.m. at Ashludie Terrace.

At around 9.11 a.m. the baton will make its way to Dundee Street, Carnoustie, where it will proceed along High Street turn into Church Street, then Station Road, Tayside Street and then Links Parade.

A brief stop has been scheduled for 9.30 a.m. at the Black Slab car park next to the Carnoustie Golf Hotel, then it will be back on track at 9.50 a.m. to Carnoustie Leisure Centre, then back through Station Road, Church Street and onto Arbroath Road at 10.35 a.m.

For the trip to Easthaven along the cyclepath the baton will be carried by tandem bicycle, and it is expected in the village at around 11.18 a.m. for a tour around the village square.

The baton is expected to arrive in Queen’s Drive, Arbroath, at 11.26 a.m. and the batonbearers will travel along to West Links, passing the pitch and putt pavilion and playpark before reaching the A92 Dundee Road.

Then by vehicle convoy the baton will head to the Signal Tower Museum where bearers will take the baton across to the museum. round the tourist information building, across Ladybridge Street and up to High Street for around 12.14 p.m.

It will then travel via High Street to Arbroath Abbey for a brief stop at 12.22 p.m. and will then travel by vehicle convoy to RM Condor for another stop at 12.41 p.m.

The baton bearers will be:

Monifieth - Bruce Philip, Jack Anderson, Alistair Vannet, Alison McInally, Gilbert Valentine, Melanie Atkins, Moira Nicoll, Mark Callison, Emma Conway, Laura Hare and Stuart Driscoll. Carnoustie - Jordann Cunningham, Lynda Sim, Alan Soutar, Winston Webber, Ryan Beattie, Lesley Maguire, Ian McFarlane, Elaine Scott, Cameron Stephen, Sarah Anderson, Stefan Stevenson, Andrew Johnston, Mary Reid, Leonard Jukes, Kirsten Cameron, Leanne Mowbray, Jennifer Christine and Ian Wren. East Haven - Scott Nicoll and Laura Smith. Arbroath - Linda Patterson, Janette Fairlie, Darren Burnett, Kailin Brannigan, Keith Ritchie, Kerry Duncan, Duncan Reid, Maria Orsi, Dylan Richardson and Jayne Burnett.

All timings are approximate.