Quiet time for Brooke realises more cash for her dream

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CARNOUSTIE girl Brooke Ramsay and her friends had a quiet time last week, but in a good way!

As part of the fund-raising campaign for Brooke’s Dream, the organisation raising money to pay for treatment of cerebral palsy, Brooke and her fellow 1st Carnoustie Brownies took part in a sponsored silence.

Her father, Stewart, said: “Brooke was unbelievably excited. She has been wanting to do something for her own dream herself, and loved to be part of the fund-raising effort.

“We were worried that she would not manage to keep quiet, but all our fears were unfounded. Her Grandma has got them both interested in knitting and they both concentrated on that for the whole time. “I have no idea how much they raised. We are extremely grateful to the Brownies for doing this and giving Brooke the opportunity to do something as well.”

On Saturday, the zumba class held by Steph Robertson in Carnoustie High School had some unusual participants in the shape of players from the Dundee American Football team the Hurricanes.

Also at the weekend, ‘The Directors’ played a charity gig at the Craw’s Nest in aid of the fund. The money raised for both these events is still to be totalled, but were both very well attended.

Tonight ‘Brooke’s Dream: The Concert’ will take place at St Thomas’ Church, Arbroath, at 7.30 p.m. Tickets are still available for this music and comedy extravaganza, and can be bought from CM Supplies, the Fobel Shop or on the door.