Reader anger at recycling pilot

A CONCERNED Arbroath resident has been in touch regarding the recycling scheme which is currently being piloted in Angus.

The lady from Charles Avenue in the Timmergreens area of the town contacted the Herald about Angus Council’s decision to stop supplying food waste bags to some participants in the pilot.

Participants in the scheme, which is currently operating in parts of Arbroath and Carnoustie, are required to separate their refuse into recyclable materials, food waste and general rubbish.

However, according to our reader, the pilot scheme is not uniform across the board with regards to the provision of refuse bags for the small food waste bins.

She said: “It seems we were only getting supplied initially with the bags and now we will have to buy them.

“Nobody asked for this and nobody wanted this. I’m not buying them.”

After running out of bags the lady requested new ones, but none were forthcoming, and in response she contacted the local ACCESS office for help.

She continued: “The lady from the council said it was up to me and that I would just have to use carrier bags. Which is not what they want, they want you to use their biodegradable bags.”

It was also pointed out that some areas would continue to receive free bags while others, such as Timmergreens would have to supply their own.

Our reader added: “I’m not against recycling at all, but if they want us to do that they should at least supply the bags.”

A spokesperson for Angus Council said: “As part of the trial the council is looking at different ways of providing liners to line indoor food caddies. We are doing this to find out which is the most effective system. Some households were given an initial supply of liners to get them started, others will be provided with liners continuously.

“The trial started in September 2012 and the results of the trial, which includes our recent customer satisfaction survey results, are scheduled to be reported at the next neighbourhood services council meeting on May 23.”

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