Remember Remember! Ensure your night goes with a bang!

TOMORROW (Saturday), millions of us will be remembering the foiled plot by Guy Fawkes to blow up the Houses of Parliament in 1605.

It’s a time to celebrate, and the fun and entertainment that Bonfire Night guarantees is undeniable.

Whether you’ve planned your own party or are visiting a friend’s or relative’s bash, there’s nothing like donning your woollies, gathering around the dancing flames, breathing in the smoky night air and watching a great fireworks display.

In Arbroath tomorrow night, the skies above Inchcape Park will be awash with colour as the town awaits one of the biggest fireworks displays it has ever seen!

The community fireworks display sees the town’s business community come together to put on a memorable show in a safe environment.

This year the organisers have been boosted by a donation of £4,000 towards the display from new supermarket Asda.

And Councillor David Fairweather, one of the organisers of the Arbroath event was thrilled with the supermarket’s help.

He said: “I am over the moon at this gift to Arbroath and the event is for everyone and people come from the town and beyond to enjoy it.

“Having already had support from the Arbroath Business Association to the tune of £500, I am hoping that as with previous years, we can make this year’s November 5 one to remember.”

Meanwhile in Carnoustie, a torchlight parade will kick off the bonfire celebrations as children carry their torches from Woodlands Primary School to the shorefront, where families can enjoy a fireworks display.

The annual event is organised by Carnoustie Coastguards and is a much looked forward to night in the town.

But if you have invited family and friends around to have your own fireworks party then it is important to remember the safety advice.

Fireworks can be fun and look pretty but they also can be very dangerous.

So always keep the fireworks in a closed box and follow the instructions on lighting them carefully.

Light them at arms length, then step away to a safe distance and never return to a lit firework.

Never throw them or keep them in your pocket and always wear gloves when holding sparklers.

And of course, remember to keep your pets indoors and away from bonfire night celebrations.

Some pets find the loud bangs caused by fireworks very distressing.

Make your pet as comfortable as possible by keeping curtains closed in the evenings and giving them a warm safe place to relax away from the noise.