REVEALED: Massive £1.8m spend on roads

NEW FIGURES have revealed that £1.8 million has been spent upgrading Carnoustie roads and a local councillor says the improvements should end local residents’ frustration with potholed surfaces.

Since January, many roads and footpaths in the town have had work done to them on top of the usual maintenance work of pothole filling, drainage clearance and winter maintenance.

The work and improvements will finally be completed in April, 2012, and Councillor Peter Murphy hopes it will also show that Carnoustie is not being left out when it comes to the local authority spending money.

He told the Guide & Gazette: “The work that had taken place in terms of carriageway reconstruction, footways, as well as usual routine maintenance of pothole filling, drainage, grass cutting, weed control and winter maintenance – should do a lot to end the understandable dissatisfaction of residents over the years that Carnoustie appeared to have had a raw deal from Angus Council in terms of per capita “spend” compared with other Angus burghs.

“I’m not in a position to say how this converts into comparative ‘spend’ taking into account what the council is spending elsewhere in Angus.

“But it does add up, nevertheless, to a considerable effort by the council, in conjunction with Scottish Water, to deliver – albeit not before time - much needed improvements to the roads network over large parts of the town.”

Between January and March of this year road works improved James Street, Fox Street, West Path and Caesar Avenue.

More recently Barry Road has seen works with all roads scheduled to undergo improvements to be completed by April next year.

Councillor Murphy added that overall this would add up to £1.8 million spent.

And with the path network in Carnoustie also set to be upgraded, Councillor Murphy believes this will be a good thing for the town.

He said: “News that the path network to the north west of the town is to be upgraded and extended was very much to be welcomed.

“Taking into account recent extensions to walkways and cycleways such as that between Westhaven and Easthaven and the upgrading of the Boardwalk, a new dimension had been added to the amenity of the town in terms of recreational provision.”