Risotto makes a rice change

Beetroot risotto with goats' cheese.
Beetroot risotto with goats' cheese.

Beetroot risotto with goats’ cheese

(Serves 2)


500ml freshly made beetroot juice

500ml chicken stock

150ml olive oil

200g shallots, finely diced

3 garlic cloves, finely chopped

2 bay leaves

200g bought cooked beetroot, cut into 3mm dice

2tsp coarse sea salt

A large pinch of freshly ground black pepper

250g risotto rice

200ml red wine

100g Parmesan cheese, grated

50g creme fraiche

Juice of 1 lemon

50g goats’ cheese, such as Bouton D’Oc, crumbled


Prepare the beetroot juice, then pour it into a pan and bring it to a simmer.

Skim and then pass it through a fine sieve.

Pour it back into the pan with the chicken stock and warm over a low heat.

Place a shallow pan over a low to medium heat and pour in the olive oil.

Add the shallots, garlic and bay leaves and cook for about two minutes. Do not allow them to colour.

Add the diced beetroot, the salt, pepper and rice and cook for a further two minutes.

Add the red wine and cook for a minute or so until it has been absorbed.

Slowly add the beetroot juice and chicken stock to the rice, a little at a time, stirring every minute or so.

Continue for about 14-16 minutes, until all the wine and stock has been used and the rice is almost cooked.

Add the Parmesan, creme fraiche and lemon juice and check the seasoning. Sprinkle over the goats’ cheese and serve.