Road improvements top of the agenda


CARNOUSTIE road surfaces underwent another wave of overhauls last week in an effort to improve the infrastructure of the town.

Councillor Brian Boyd was on hand on Thursday morning to see the beginning of the resurfacing programme.

He explained that work had been delayed to coincide with the completion of the new golf centre in order to minimise traffic at the site.

Councillor Boyd added: “I had a site meeting with various departments and I can confirm that further traffic calming measures are to be included in the works which will hopefully stop the boy racers using it as a race track.”

“It has been unacceptable for some time the issue of boy racers and the Black Slab.

“The record I have witnessed is a row of eight cars lined up alongside each other in the middle of the car park.

“The new chief executive of Angus Council [Richard Stiff] backed me when I had to inform Superintendent [Ewan] West of Tayside Police that the problem is not getting better when we met at the Community Task Force update meeting last month.

“Since then I have worked with council officials to get some speed bumps strategically placed around the Black Slab area so hopefully this will help the situation.

“If any members of the public are still alarmed then I ask them to ‘phone the Police on 03001112222 who will deal with the matter.”

Meanwhile, following the completion of work by Scottish Water in Maule Street, there is some talk of the patchy tarmac being resurfaced between Lochty Street and Queen Street.

With regards to problems with Barry Road, Councillor Boyd said that he had contacted the director of roads and would keep his constituents informed of progress.

Community council chairman Jim Simpson added: “Obviously from the community council’s point of view we are pleased to see the resurfacing of roads along West Path, Park Avenue and the Black Slab.

“The roads in Carnoustie need a long term solution, not a quick fix and the other pothole issues in the town also need to be addressed sooner rather than later.”