Roll up, roll up, to the Big Kid Circus!

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The Big Kid Circus is coming to Carnoustie tomorrow with their all human cast.

Formed in 2005 the Big Kid Circus provides a vibrant and colourful family show with their international performers.

This year’s company features artists from Morocco, France, Russia, Ukraine and Bulgaria.

Georgi the clown will surprise you with his silly ideas, but be careful, he is always looking for ‘volunteers’!

From France Duo Adaje will present aerial straps and cradle acts that will have you sitting on the edge of your seats, and Abdul will show you how to walk through the air high in the roof of the Big Top, on the Wheel of Death!

Vova is the comedian, presenting a variety of acts to make you smile, including bubbles, Russian dolls and a huge sumo wrestler!

The Moroccan Acrobatic Troupe will show you how fast they can skip, jump, how high they can stand on one another’s shoulders and acrobatic tumbling of every description!

Lyuda brings style and grace to the show with her hula hoops and juggling, and the Ring Mistress does her very best to keep everything in order!

Dmytro displays power and poise with his hand balance presentation, and presents a mesmerising display with his spinning cube.

To book tickets call 07766 552211, visit or find them on Facebook.