Ryan shows the ‘Way’ for Reach Across charity

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Most people walk the West Highland Way over the course of a week but PE teacher Ryan Ramsay and his friend John Yells completed the gruelling challenge in under 36 hours.

Twenty-two-year-old Ryan, from Arbroath had called on local residents to help him raise £1.5K for his new charity “Reach Across” which he set up to help young people suffering from mental health issues after his brother, Ross, committed suicide in 2013.

Speaking before the attempt Ryan said: “The money raised will go towards helping people access the right mental health support and provide days out for young carers.

”Following the suicide of my brother in 2013, I realised there wasn’t much support out there for families who were going through something like this. As a result, mum and I decided to create our own charity called “Reach Across” specifically aimed at young people between the ages of 12-30 in need across local areas of Angus.”

Ryan has set up a GoFundMe fundraising page, which had already raised £1050 in 23 days prior to the attempt. For the challenge, Ryan and John ran and cycledthe West Highland Way over 36 hours on July 27 and 28.

A tired-but-triumphant Ryan told the Herald: ”The West Highland Way in under 36 hours was easy (cough!) and to make it harder we accidentally ran a little bit extra. In the process we reached the £1500 target for Reach Across!

“It was a tough and gruelling challenge which was especially difficult when carrying the bikes up seven miles of hills, which took around four and a half hours alone!

“Thanks to everyone for the support and donations. They will be used with great care and for people in need.”

Kelsea Little, Media Director at GoFundMe.com said: “Ryan’s campaign is incredibly inspiring, and it’s amazing to see the support of his friends, family and community who have rallied together to donate.”

To donate, visit URL http://www.gofundme.com/yagb89s