Saddling up for pucka chucka!

From left - Gemma Waters, Peter Tyler and Sophie Smillie.
From left - Gemma Waters, Peter Tyler and Sophie Smillie.

Think of the sport of Polo and most people think of royal princes, but they’re not the only ones who can swing a mallet.

After entering the first D&A College polo team ever in a national polo competition, D&A College student members are looking for sponsorship to take their sport further. Gemma Waters, Sophie Smillie and Peter Tyler are part of an 11-strong polo club based at the Arbroath Campus. For the past year they have been taking weekly lessons, as and when they can afford it, with Scotland’s top polo coach, Thom Bell in Kinross.

Animal Care student Sophie Smillie said: “So many people think that Polo is an exclusive sport for the wealthy, but we’re living proof it can be done. You don’t need to own your own polo pony, you don’t even need to be an experienced rider. One of our members, Peter Tyler, had never even ridden a horse before he started to play and now he’s great.”

Fellow Animal Care student Gemma Waters is the most experienced polo player in the club. She began playing when she lived in England and is very keen to get more people involved.

“Our team did amazingly well at the SUPA National Arena Tournament in Rugby, but with a little more financial support we could have taken three teams instead of just one.”