Safe crossing at Burnside

PARENTS of pupils attending a Carnoustie school have voiced their concerns over road safety issues.

Parents at Burnside Primary are worried by the increased traffic levels on Thomas Street and Ravensby Road as a result of roadworks on Barry Road.

Currently, a section of Barry Road between the Westfield roundabout and Victoria Street have been closed, and traffic has been diverted down through the residential area and past Burnside Primary.

A lollipop lady has been contracted to address this issue after a resident complained to Independent councillor Brian Boyd about problems crossing the road.

Councillor Boyd said: “The lady said it had taken her more than eight minutes to cross that road because of the increased traffic.

“Over half of the school’s catchment have to cross that road, so getting a lollipop lady was a matter of child safety. Also, the 20 m.p.h. signs are now sorted.

“The whole of this area has been monitored as best as we can and we appreciate the residents and schools are having to deal with that.

“However, I have just had it confirmed to me that Barry Road is on track to finish on time. We have only had one morning of frost, so everything is looking good.

“In fact, on Wednesday afternoon the diversion was moved back to Victoria Street to allow access to Carnoustie Tyres, Spar and the Health Centre.

“The other good news is that Westfield Street is due for resurfacing on November 28 too, but, of course, this won’t start until this current roadworks scheme and diversion are complete.”

Councillor Helen Oswald added: “Following calls from constituents about the problems schoolchildren going to Burnside Primary School were having crossing at Westfield due to the roadworks in Barry Road, I contacted the director of education.

“He has confirmed that from Monday, November 7, until the roadworks finish and the diversions are cancelled, there will be a school crossing patroller on duty at Westfield in the mornings and evenings.”