Samson VC plaque presented

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Simultaneously with tomorrow’s (Saturday) ceremony to mark the centenary of a Carnoustie man’s Victoria Cross exploits, another ceremony is due to take place in Bermuda.

At a recent ceremony at the Royal British Legion Carnoustie, chairman Lindsay Martin presented Angus Deputy Lord Lieutenant Dr Sandy and Mrs McKendrick with a plaque commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Victoria Cross awarded to George Samson during World War One.

Petty Officer Samson died in Bermuda in 1923 and Dr and Mrs McKendrick, at their own expense, are to travel there and present the plaque to the people of Bermuda on behalf of Carnoustie branch of the Royal British Legion.

In 1966, a Carnoustie street was named after Samson and a bronze plaque erected at that time by the British Legion. Sadly the mounting of this plaque became unfit for purpose and removed. The original plaque was refurbished and can be seen in the picture taking pride of place in the Legion clubrooms.

Dr McKendrick will also take with him a graveside letter of commemoration from Legion Padre, the Rev. Canon Douglas Mackay.

Canon Mackay wrote: “This letter of tribute brings with it the profound thanks of the people of Carnoustie for the heroic efforts of George McKenzie Samson VC and those of his comrades whose sacrifice will always be remembered in these parts. To the good people of Bermuda, we here in Carnoustie extend our profound gratitude for this bond which our two communities now share. May God’s blessing be with you.”

The Carnoustie Branch would like to acknowledge the help given to them by Carnoustie Trophy Centre, Visions and DB Christie joiners, who collaborated and put the plaque together for no charge to honour the occasion.

The ceremony to mark the centenary of Samson’s heroism and also the unveiling of the plinth housing the plaques for both Carnoustie VC winners will take place in the plaza between the Golf Hotel and the Pro Centre at 2 for 2.30pm.