Scam warning after victim loses £59,000

Police have warned to be vigilant against scams.
Police have warned to be vigilant against scams.

Police Scotland is urging local people to be vigilant against telephone scams after one Angus victim was duped into handing over £59,000.

Tayside Division say they are aware of a number of scams, which are targeting bank customers by fraudsters ringing up and claiming to be from their bank or building society and that fraudulent activity has been flagged up on their account.

The fraudster suggests that the victim hangs up and immediately call their bank using the number located on the rear of their bank card to ensure the call is genuine.

However, the scammer stays on the line, keeping it open. They then play a recording of a dial tone and ring tone so that when the victim picks up their handset again they think they are really calling their bank.

This type of fraud also known as ‘vishing’ but can be prevented in a number of ways.

DC Neil McVean of Perth CID said: “Never assume that a caller is genuine just because they hold some personal details about you. If you receive a phone call that seems suspicious, end the call immediately and don’t give out any information. Instead call your bank from another phone or go into a branch.

“Always be suspicious if someone reporting to be from your bank requests any of your bank or personal details.  They should already have them.  If in doubt, ask them to put a stop on your account and attend in person at your branch

“If you have friends or relatives who you feel may be vulnerable to this, please help them to be more aware of the potential risks and what to look out for.

“If you think you may have been the victim of a similar crime report this to your local Police. If you have any concerns you can contact Police Scotland on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.”