Seasick sailor entangled in ropes

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Broughty Ferry RNLI volunteers were called into action on Thursday following reports of a boat in distress one mile off St Andrews.

The lifeboat crews were alerted just before 2pm and with the assistance of a volunteer shore crew the all weather lifeboat Elizabeth of Glamis was launched fifteen minutes later.

On arriving at the scene 45 minutes later the lifeboat crews found the boat, an 18 foot motor vessel propeller tangled in the ropes between lobster pot creelsunable to break free. The boat was crewed by one male who was suffering from severe sea sickness.

The lifeboat crew made the decision to evacuate the sailor from the vessel to provide treatment before heading to St Andrews harbour to have the him medically assessed. However the sea state prevented the lifeboat from safely entering the harbour and the decision was made to transfer the man to Broughty Ferry lifeboat station. On arrival at Broughty Ferry the man was assessed by a waiting ambulance crew before being discharged.

The stricken boat was left secured offshore due to the sea conditions. It is believed that it was salvaged the following day by local fishermen.