See you in St Louis (again) girls!

The Hirsch family.
The Hirsch family.

CARNOUSTIE twins Ayley and Chloe Hirsch are getting ready for a return to the United States next month for their surgeon to check their progress.

The girls will be flying out to St Louis, Missouri, on May 10 for a fortnight of appointments with medical experts, including surgeon Dr Park who carried out the selective dorsal rhizotomy.

Dad Frazer Hirsch explained: “It’s a check up to see their progress so they’ve got a meeting with Dr Park and they’ll get a few physio sessions and perhaps get splints and stuff.

“Ayley might need to get her heel cords lengthened but that is a day operation. It’s nothing major and she will be in and out on the same day.”

Unfortunately, due to Frazer’s work commitments he will be unable to join his family in St Louis.

The girls have been cramming an incredible number of physical activities into their routines, including swimming, trampolining, horse riding, wrestling and they have even had a taster of indoor climbing.

Both parents have been impressed by their girls’ progress. Frazer continued: “They are doing a lot of stuff, although I feel for myself that Ayley is progressing a wee bit better than Chloe, but she’s still getting there. It’s just a gradual process. She’s still working hard and their progress is good.”

Averil added: “It takes me by surprise to see some of the things they can do. Ayley is able to ride a bike like normal and before she couldn’t do that.

“It’s great to see them running around like happy, normal children, I have to catch Ayley now!

“The operation has been amazing for both of them.

“Chloe is still learning to walk, but the operation has taken away all the muscle spasms and the tightness from her body.”

As the girls will likely have some tough physiotherapy sessions ahead of them in St Louis, Averil has been preparing them accordingly.

She said: “Obviously some of their techniques will be different so I’ve been bumping up their physio and doing extra activities.

“I’m hoping that Dr Park will be impressed with what he sees of the girls’ progress over the last year and a bit. It will be hard for them out there, but it will be good for them.”