Seeds are sown for local ‘super club’

PLANS are progressing for the implementation of an umbrella club to serve Carnoustie and its environs.

At a meeting this month the group settled on a name, proposing to call themselves the Panmure Community Sports Club.

The Panmure CSC committee also reviewed a draft constitution and discussed the make-up of a strategic committee to oversee the shared aspects of the organisation.

As March continued, further advances were made, and on Thursday the committee met again to hear a presentation by Alistair Wilson of Angus Council’s neighbourhood services department.

Mr Wilson explained the land purchase issue at Clayholes and Newton Farm for athletic development had been a long-running one.

He said: “This is something I’ve been aware of since I came to Angus in 1996. We’ve now managed to find a pot of money to fund that in the near future.

“We manage the facilities remotely, with no local access.

“It’s much better if a local team takes it on, as they can make much better use of it.

“It’s ideal if the committee can get behind it, as that was the original proposal.”

Mr Wilson reminded the committee that other sports, including rugby should be included, and this must be taken into account with the type of pitch, which in this case would increase costs.

He added: “It might be a case of level the land and put a couple of grass pitches down in the meantime.

“I would prefer to do the minimum to get the pitches developing and then work on getting the rest of the package.

“This is the closest I have ever been able to say we can go ahead with this project.”

It was also pointed out that the demand needed not only to be there, but to be seen to be there. Gordon Harris, of Carnoustie YM FC commented: “Among the four member clubs there are 19 sports teams, and 11 of them require a full size pitch and play every week and that’s the best part of 350 to 400 players.

“I think it’s a no-brainer that we can show that there is demand. It’s just a matter of demonstrating it properly.”

The inaugural annual general meeting of the Panmure Community Sports Club has been arranged for April 19 when it is hoped the constitution will be ratified, along with committee members and goals.

Phil Hope, secretary of Carnoustie Panmure Youth FC, said: “It’s all very positive so far, and the feeling for us is that this will make our club more attractive to players in our area.”

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