Sell-out youth ceilidh for local Rwanda initiative

THE FIRST ever Level8Projects youth ceilidh was held on Saturday in the Carnoustie Golf Hotel.

The event was hosted by Jim Bell, chairperson of Level8 and Principal Teacher of RME at Carnoustie High School.

The event was a sell-out with over 130 young people in attendance.

It was geared towards raising enough money to repair one run down house in Rwanda, and providing young people with a quality experience in a top class location.

The ceilidh was proposed to Mr Bell by two senior students at the school – Morgan Christie and Lauren Tooke - and was then developed, in particular by two other senior students, Craig Weir and Paula Mitchelson.

Each year-group in Carnoustie High was represented at the event which was strictly non-alcoholic. And for the first time Forfar Academy also took part in a Level8 event.

In his welcome Mr Bell asked the young people to think about the kind of world they wanted to live in and how they can help shape that world.

Level8 is committed to helping some poor people have a better quality of life. The poor have their own courage and dignity – all they need from us is a little help to better their own lives. We do not change their lives for them – they do that for themselves.

He said: “It is a privilege for me to know so many of you and particularly to keep friendship with you even after you leave school and go on to become the ones who will shape the next generation by your life and deeds. Teaching for me is not about stuffing your heads with facts to get through exams – it is about sharing life with you for a little while as you and I journey together. I may have influenced you – you have certainly influenced me.”

The ceilidh was led by the very talented Barrack Band and a special appearance was made by Gleadhraich – another local group.

Future Level8 Projects events

Rwanda Reloaded concert. April 1, Carnoustie High School Theatre, 7 p.m., £5 per ticket.

A Song For Rwanda. Dinner and concert, October 21, Carnoustie Golf Hotel, £30 per ticket.

For tickets contact Mr Bell at the High School.