Sensational Seabass Niçoise

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By Jason Henderson, head chef at Knock Castle Hotel and Spa, Crieff.

Seabass Niçoise

4 x 150g fresh fillets of seabass

250g green beans

100g nice olives (gordella are stunning)

100g cherry tomatoes

8 good-sized new potatoes

1 banana shallot

2 large carrots

1 fresh bay leaf

2 cardamom seeds

4 soft boiled eggs


“This is my take on another simple dish with a twist.”

To make the carrot purée, bring the carrots, bay leaf and cardamom seeds to the simmer and cook until softened. Remove just the carrot and place in a blender until smooth, then season. You may use some of the cooking liquor (strained) to loosen the purée.

Place the potatoes in cold water with a little salt, bring to the boil and simmer until cooked and set aside.

Now, slice the shallot into good-sized rings and with a nice hot frying pan, throw in a knob of butter and a little oil and lightly fry the shallot rings. Add the green beans and season. When nearly ready, add the tomatoes, olives and new potatoes (halved) and warm all together, checking for seasoning.

In another pan, put a little butter and oil again and place in seasoned seabass (now, a wee trick here is the make sure your pan is hot, but not smoking hot, and when you place in the fish, gently shake the pan so the fish is moving and doesn’t stick to the pan). Once the skin side is golden brown, turn over and cook for 10 seconds, then squeeze the half lemon to finish.

To serve place the green bean salad in four large bowls and set the seabass on top. Place a spoonful of carrot purée to the side and simply cut the soft boiled egg in half. Serve on the side and enjoy a wonderfully refreshing starter or main.