Sensible result to speed issue

Speed limit sign
Speed limit sign

A move by Angus Council to reduce the speed limit along a stretch of country road has been hailed as a “sensible” measure.

On Tuesday at the authority’s communities committee meeting in Forfar the committee used its discretionary powers to reduce the speed limit along the B961 in Craigton of Monikie to 30mph, thanks to strong community objection.

The move was proposed by Provost Helen Oswald and seconded by Councillor Bill Bowles and came about despite recommendations to the contrary in a report from Ian Cochrane, head of Angus Council’s technical and property services.

According to guidelines that stretch of the B961 fell below the residential density requirements needed to classify it as a village and consequently impose a 30mph speed restriction.

However, Monikie Primary School is adjacent to the B961 and a strong community campaign has arisen under the leadership of the Monikie primary School Parent Teacher Partnership.

It culminated at the end of March in a petition of around 270 signatures being submitted to Angus Council.

Councillor Bowles said: “This has been a campaign that has run this year but the speed of traffic going through that part of the county has been an issue for many, many years.

“It’s great news and a real boon for sensible attitudes in the county.”

It is understood that additional signage will cost around £4,000 to erect.