Seven is your lucky number at lunchtime

Good service, good food, and a nice atmosphere makes Seven a great place for a light meal.
Good service, good food, and a nice atmosphere makes Seven a great place for a light meal.

It’s accepted wisdom that when visiting somewhere you should eat in the place with the most locals, and by that standard Seven is a surefire hit.

The homely cafe on Arbroath High Street is always a bustling hub of humanity offering a tasty range of dishes, breakfasts, light bites and main courses as well as fresh coffee, tea and baked goods.

We were glad to have reserved a table, and we would recommend that at peak times this would be a good idea to avoid disappointment, but we would also say that the calibre of the food justifies waiting the short while it takes for a table to become free.

The staff were particularly helpful and friendly, and our waitress did not hesitate to make recommendations and obviously knew the dishes very well - always a good sign.

My companion opted for the Seven Special Creamy Chicken Wrap on our waitress’s suggestion while I liked the sound of the Yellow Split Pea soup and a good old fashioned cheese and ham toastie.

The wrap when it came was enormous, stuffed to the gunwales with tender chicken, peppers, onions and mushrooms all smothered in a creamy Cajun sauce with just the right amount of bite.

A fresh side salad and crunchy chips accompanied the dish which ultimately defeated the determined diner.

The soup was full of flavour, light and filling at the same time, and I probably didn’t need the whole of the toastie that I ordered with it. Seven’s soup and a sandwich deal for £3 would be more than enough to keep the wolf from the door until tea time.

The toastie also came with a side salad and a creamy, crunchy coleslaw which was immediately added into the sandwich mix.

The cheese was just the right side of melted, not face-threateningly runny, and there was a pleasing lack of grease which meant my toastie did not disintegrate as I ate.

We topped off with tea and coffee; my companion, who can be a bit choosy about her leaves, was very impressed with the tea and my black coffee was strong and full-bodied.

Overall, we were very impressed with the food, the service and the general ambience of the place, and it was nice to see that increasingly rare event, the chef coming out to check with his customers that all was well.