Shaping the future of Carnoustie in your hands

Carnoustie Golf Course Hotel will be the venue
Carnoustie Golf Course Hotel will be the venue

Angus Council is inviting Carnoustie residents to shape the future of the town’s centre.

The programme, known as a design charrette, takes place from March 2 to 9 and includes a number of planning and design workshops at the Carnoustie Golf Hotel where the public will work together with designers and specialists to prepare a long-term vision, development framework and action plan for the town town centre.

In addition to the workshops, there will be an opportunity to walkabout the town with the charrette team. The ideas from the workshop and walkabouts will be developed into visual plans and drawings.

An Angus Council spokesperson said: “Carnoustie was selected as the focus for a charrette for a number of reasons. The local community has already been active in working together to develop a vision for their town, and a better town centre has been identified as a key priority.

“The town attracts visitors from around the globe to play the world renowned championship golf course; however there are challenges around difficult links between the seafront, golf courses and the core town centre.

“For these reasons we want to work with the Carnoustie community in planning for the future of their town centre.

“The objective will be to have clear plans in place and a shared commitment from the community and agencies in order to achieve our collective vision. Some of the proposals emerging from the charrette may be large scale and long term, but others will be more easily delivered. However, not all of the proposals will require large scale investment.

“Over the next two weeks leading up to the charrette, members of the local community and council will be working hard to encourage residents of all ages to come along and get involved in the conversation. Everyone who lives or works in Carnoustie has a contribution to make; all opinions and ideas are valid. The idea of the charrette is to engage as many people and opinions as possible and generate long and short term ideas for the future of the town centre.”

“Don’t worry if you can’t make it along, as we’ll keep you up to date with the project on our website and you can join the conversation on Twitter @Carnoustieconvo.”

The charrette has been commissioned by Angus Council, with support from the Scottish Government.

Further information about the charrette is available from: