‘Shrooms, fajitas and rock ‘n’ roll at Ziggys

The towering chilli cheese burger at Ziggys.
The towering chilli cheese burger at Ziggys.

It is not often we venture to St Andrews, but after sampling the food at Ziggys we will definitely be making it a regular weekend destination!

Most often seen as a golfing destination or university town, St Andrews has much to offer in terms of dining experiences, and is well worth the (shorter than you realise) journey.

Ziggys on Murray Place is one such place, unprepossessing on the outside, the interior is brightly lit and excitingly decorated in music memorabilia with an American diner feel to it.

The menu is extensive, with everything from pub classics to American-inspired dishes and an impressive array of burgers to tempt you.

We began with an order of the Cajun Shroomies, a spicy take on the familiar battered mushrooms. The batter was crisp and had a good kick to make it interesting, the ‘shrooms’ themselves were juicy and the accompany garlic dip was full of flavour.

The smell of cooking meat convinced me to try one of their many styles of six ounce beef burgers and I opted for the chilli and cheese variant.

The chilli was rich but didn’t overpower the beef which was moist and perfectly cooked. I had a good stab at trying to fit the entire burger into my mouth but had to eventually resort to using cutlery to preserve my dignity.

The accompanying fries were pleasingly crunchy and the coleslaw was light but creamy.

My wife went for the chicken fajitas and she was entranced by the mountain of succulent chicken, caramelised onions and crunchy mixed peppers which appeared on a sizzling platter.

It was doused in lashings of an absolutely fantastic sauce, the recipe for which we would happily pay a high price for!

The guacamole was fresh and lively and there were plenty of warm tortillas to stuff full of the tasty mix.

To finish we shared an entirely unneeded hot chocolate sundae which required a brave effort from us to eat all of that delicious chocolate and ice cream.

Throughout the staff were lovely, attentive and always on the ball.

We would heartily recommend this busy little place for a slap-up meal, but advise anybody partaking in a little clothes shopping to get that out of the way first!