Signs are good for Angus Fairtrade

The work being carried out to ensure a fair deal for Third World producers is being highlighted across the local area.

Angus has been at the forefront in promoting Fairtrade for the past decade, encouraging support for Fairtrade through the wider community and local businesses.

Since then, both Arbroath and Carnoustie have achieved Fairtrade status and Angus has been recognised as a Fairtrade Zone.

To highlight the work being done across the county to promote Fairtrade, new signage has been erected at county boundaries, and on A-class roads entering the two towns.

Visiting one of the newly erected signs, Angus Provost Helen Oswald said: “I am proud of the commitment to Fairtrade in Angus, and that we can now proclaim it to all who visit or pass through our county.

“The signs highlight to visitors and residents that we are concerned about others in the developing world, and that Fairtrade products are available across the county.

“This also helps boost those local businesses who have signed up to the Fairtrade brand.”