Simply avoid a not so sweet 16

A COLLECTIVE sigh of relief was uttered at Laing Park on Saturday, but Carnoustie Panmure’s work is not yet done, writes Johnston Ralston.

Manager Ian Gilzean was in an elated mood when the GazetteSport caught up with him this week.

Opening with the line ‘So Ian you must be in a good mood this week?’, he countered: “I’m always in a good mood! I think you’ve got to be happy with that. That win gets us the three points.”

The gaffer explained that at the risk of a jinx, next season was sorted. He said: “Barring an absolute disaster on Saturday we’ll be playing Super League football next season. We have to get beaten by about 16 goals, then we could go down if Musselburgh win.

“There’s no way that’s going to happen to us. No one gets beaten 16-0 in this league.”

Asked if he was relieved, Ian replied: “Definitely, we didn’t want to be going into Saturday with Bonnyrigg going for the title and us trying to stay in the league.”

According to ‘Gillie’, Bo’ness had a mediocre start. He said: “I think we played into the wind to start, they had a lot of the ball in the first half but they didn’t really do very much with it.

“In the second half we created some really good chances, and got quite a scruffy goal from the corner, but they didn’t really threaten us.”

There is some question about that “scruffy goal” however. Ian explained: “I think Calum Watson is claiming the goal. The corner came between the defender and the near post. I think it bounced and Calum made sure it went in, which was good. It went in and it stayed in. It didn’t really matter who scored the goal, so long as we got the three points. That was the more important part.”

Looking to tomorrow (Saturday) against Bonnyrig Rose, Ian said: “They’re only two points clear. They’re going to need at least a point to win it, but if they get all three, it’s guaranteed. I don’t think they’re going to play for a 0-0 draw.

“We’re going to go out there and win the game, we need to look after ourselves.”