Site earmarked for skatepark

THE CARNOUSTIE skatepark project edged one step closer to reality following the Angus Council neighbourhood services meeting last week.

During the meeting last Tuesday in Forfar, Angus Provost and Carnoustie councillor Helen Oswald prompted the council to expand their commitment to the project.

And it was agreed that land will be made available for a skatepark near to the seafront recreation area.

The skatepark was given the go-ahead by the committee but the Provost believed more was needed, given the effort put in by Carnoustie High School pupils Andrew Patterson, Kieran Bell and Ross MacDonald.

She explained: “I felt that given the amount of work the young men had put in to it, they deserved to be shown some kind of commitment from the council.

“We agreed in principal that this land adjacent to the Leisure Centre, at least gives them some sort of comfort.”

The skatepark project already has £30,000 in the bank and the next step, according to Mrs Oswald, is securing the rest of the money.

She said: “They are looking for funding, they need to secure funding from other sources.”

The Provost concluded by praising the selflessness of the pupils, who had started the project to give future generations more recreational options.

She said: “You’ve got to take your hat off to them, because they won’t be the guys who get to enjoy it as they will all be leaving school soon.”

Independent Carnoustie councillor Brian Boyd also spoke at the meeting.

He said: “I was very happy to see it all going through, but did highlight that in the report it stated there were no financial implications.

“But in the next few months we will be working together in Team Angus towards helping the finances towards that.

“There is already £30,000 in the pot but we need considerably more. The SNP when in opposition did pledge to find the full amount. We need to make sure they keep to their pre-election promises.”